Methods of Environmental Sciences

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The course Methods of Environmental Sciences covers a broad cross-section of those scientific methods and approaches that are central to sustainability research as well as further Wiki entries that frame the presented methods in the light of the Wiki's conceptual perspective.

Definition & History of Methods

Within this lecture we deeply focus on the formation of a new arena in science that is including not only system knowledge, but also normative knowledge as well as transformative knowledge. In order to create solution for the problems we currently face, a solution orientated agenda is necessary. This may demand the creation of novel methodological pathways to knowledge creation. Here, we give a tentative overview on the developments up until now.

Design Criteria of Methods in Sustainability Science

There are several design criteria that allow you to systematise methods. Many of these criteria are part of the “usual suspects” in normal science sensu strictu Kuhn. Here, we discuss further design criteria and knowledge types that can be relevant to systematise knowledge production through methods for sustainability science.

Thought Experiments & Legal Research

Quantitative Methods in the Humanities

Geographical Information Systems

Grounded Theory


The ecological experiment

Causal Loop Diagrams

Questioning the status quo in method-driven research

Social Network Analysis


Mixed Methods in transdisciplinary research