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This Glossary lists terms and words that are relevant to this Wiki. For each entry, you will find a list of Wiki articles that contain this term. The Glossary is work in progress and continuously amended.

Term Explanation Mentions
Qualitative research Qualitative research focuses on the human dimensions of the observable or conceptual reality, often linking observational data or interpretation of existing data directly to theory or concepts 1
Quantitative research Quantitative research focuses on the statistical and mathematical analysis of data, as well as the general analysis and often interpretation of data that consists of numbers. 1
Inductive reasoning Inductive reasoning draws conclusions based on data or observations 1
Deductive reasoning Deductive reasoning builds on statements or theories that are confirmed by observation or can be confirmed by logic. 1
Bias the action of supporting or opposing a particular person or thing in an unfair way, because of allowing personal opinions to influence your judgement 1, 2
Agency The capacity of an individual to act intentionally with the assumption of a causal outcome based on this action 1
Emergence The incurrence of a characteristic or behaviour of two or more entities that could not be anticipated based on the individual parts 1
System Any number of individuals or elements that interact 1, 2
Method Scientific methods create knowledge in accordance with certain principles and rigour 1, 2
Concept Abstract mental representation of our world 1
Framework A real or conceptual basic structure that supports or guides practical applications. 1
Paradigm An universally recognized scientific achievement that provides theoretical and practical foundations for a specific scientific community 1
Theory A systematic ideational structure that encompasses empirical laws regarding regularities in the world that can be tested empirically 1
Data Example Example
Hypothesis A preconceived idea about the world that guides the research process and is to be falsified by it 1, 2
Transdisciplinarity An integrated and reflexive research mode in which scientific and non-scientific actors jointly attempt to frame and solve real-world problems Example