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This page provides an overview on all entries that relate explicitly to statistical analyses.

New to statistics?

These are some basic entries on statistics that you should read when you start your statistics journey:

How to find the right statistics method

Often, you know which kind of data you want to analyze, but there are so many options how to do it, and you don't know how to start.
Do not worry. The following interactive page asks you simple questions about your data and guides you to the best statistical analysis method for your research.
An initial path towards statistical analysis

How to code in R

On this Wiki, we believe in the importance of experience, and therefore provide guidance on how to approach statistical analyses in the Software R.
The following list includes all Wiki entries that include R code examples: All R example pages

All statistics entries

There is a lot more than the aforementioned entries. Some revolve around statistical methods, others around the normativity of statistics.
The following list includes all Wiki entries on Statistics: All statistics entries