Bachelor Statistics Lecture

From Sustainability Methods

Overview of the lecture structure

Day 1 - Why statistics matters

The Power of Statistics
Statistics as a part of science
A very short history of statistics
Key concepts of statistics

Day 2 - Data formats and descriptive stats

Continuous data
Data constructs and indices
Descriptive statistics

Day 3 - Data distribution and Probability

Normal distribution
Other distributions

Day 4 - Hypothesis building and simple tests

Hypothesis testing
Confidence, uncertainty and reliability
Simple tests - a primer

Day 5 - Correlations

Correlations on a shoestring
Reading correlation plots
Correlative relations

Day 6 - Regression

Significance in regressions
Is the world linear?
Interpolation and extrapolation

Day 7 - Design 1 - Simple Anova OR the lab experiment

The laboratory experiment
How do I compare more than two groups?
How to design a study

Day 8 - Design 2 - Field experiments

Day 9 - Case studies and natural experiments

Day 10 - Bias

Different biases
How to deal with biases?

Day 11 - Statistics and mixed methods

Day 12 - A word on ethics

Day 13 - The Big recap