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In this sub-wiki, you will find all entries for university courses.
Each of these Cources is a compilation of entries that belong to one overarching topic or theme. Some of the entries were created specifically for the course - others can be considered "remixes" of existing Wiki entries!

Bachelor Statistics Lecture
An introduction to statistics on a Bachelor level.

Different paths to knowledge
This course introduces the learner to the fundamentals of scientific work. It summarizes key developments in science and introduces vital concepts and considerations for current and future academic inquiry.

Methods of Environmental Sciences
This course covers a broad cross-section of those scientific methods and approaches that are central to sustainability research as well as further Wiki entries that frame the presented methods in the light of the Wiki's conceptual perspective.

Master Forum
Writing a Master thesis is hard work. This course tries to provide a collection of material and a support structure to help you on your way towards your thesis.