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The persons responsible for content in accordance with § 55 II RStV is Henrik von Wehrden.

Prof. Dr. Henrik von Wehrden
Universitätsallee 1
21335 Lüneburg

Liability Disclaimer

  • If you only need to read the content of the Wiki and are not contributing in any capacity, you don't have to log in or create an account.
  • In fact, you are recommended to NOT create an account if you are only going to be reading the Wiki entries.
  • Although we do carefully check, we assume no liability for the content of external links. The operators of any and all linked sites are solely responsible for their content.


Readers of the wiki are permitted to use the content of the wiki under assumptions of fair use. This means that you are allowed to use the content of the wiki in the following contexts:

  • Research and scholarship
  • Nonprofit educational uses
  • Criticism, commentary, news reporting, etc.

Data Collection and Storage

Every visit to the *Sustainability Methods Wiki* is stored in a log file. This log file exists solely to prevent the misuse of data and for the purposes of anonymous, statistical evaluation about the use of our internet services so that we may optimize our website.

At certain points in our internet services, you will be asked to provide personal data (for example, if you choose to create an account or if you choose to use the contact form to email us) in forms. We need this information in order to fulfill your request. It remains your decision whether you provide this information.

If it is necessary to store data in order to fulfill your request, your information will be filed on a secure server. Data will not be stored longer than required to fulfill your request. Your personal data will never be connected or compared with other data, rather it will always be used solely for the purpose of your request.

Transmission of Personal Data to Third Parties

Data collected from visits to *Sustainability Methods Wiki* and stored on log files are transmitted to third parties only when required by law or court decision, or in cases when attacks on the University’s internet infrastructure make it necessary to forward such data for purposes of legal action or criminal prosecution.

We do not transmit data for other commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Your personal information will be used solely for the purpose you intend and will be shared only with the departments, offices and facilities relevant to your request. Data will not be transmitted to third parties for other purposes.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a text file generated by the server and sent to the user’s internet browser. Certain functions of the *Sustainability Methods Wiki*'s presence use session cookies. Session cookies store a series of numbers to identify the user (ID). The website server needs this ID, for example, in order to save sections of forms that you have already filled out. No other information concerning use will be recorded. The session cookies ceases to be valid once you have sent the form, after four minutes of computer inactivity, or after you have closed the internet browser; the cookies are then automatically erased.

Most browsers are set to accept cookies automatically. You can set your browser so that it enables you to decide on a case-by-case whether to accept cookies, or you may set your browser so that all cookies are refused. You may prevent the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser; we wish to note however, that if you do so, you may, on occasion, not be able to use the full functionality of this website.

Statistical Evaluation

This website does not use any third party web analytics service. As such, no statistical evaluation of the data generated from the website is conducted. However, we do record how many visits a page generates.

Email Addresses

At your request, we store your email address for the purposes of identification when fulfilling specific information services (such as logging in to the Wiki). The addresses are encrypted when stored in a database. The database and the distribution lists are available only to the Wiki administrators and cannot be accessed publicly.


Our internet presence contains links to websites operated by third parties. We have no influence on whether these parties observe data privacy regulations.