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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the idea behind / the purpose of this wiki?

The aim of this Wiki is to present and explain fundamental methods, terms and tools relevant to (Sustainability) Science and answer underlying questions. It shall serve as a resource for students, researchers, teachers and any interested readers that wish to broaden their knowledge in terms of scientific methods and tools and engage with new perspectives on science. For more information, please refer to the About page.

Can I write entries, too?

Unfortunately, no. The wiki is a collaborative project by Prof. Henrik von Wehrden and his team. In order to safeguard a coherent style and profound quality of wiki entries, the wiki is not open source. However, we are happy for any feedback on individual entries or the functionality of the website as well as questions that are not yet answered in the FAQ. If you want to contact us, please refer to the Contact form.

Are there more entries coming up?

Yes! The wiki is set up to be extended with new entries throughout the coming months and years. These entries can result from reader suggestions or ideas within the team.

Who writes these entries?

The entries are written by Prof. Dr. Henrik von Wehrden and his team. The Table of Contributors shows all authors and contributors of all entriees.

How can I get in touch with you?

We are happy about your feedback and questions! Please refer to the Contact form to write us.